Create a new idea for annual marketing-forum as a venue for Ukrainian top-managers. 

The fight for a customer is getting tougher and tougher. That’s why this year Ukrainian top-managers told how to think like a customer which was merely displayed in the supporting marketing mix. 
The most famous mentors of Ukrainian Marketing Forum were the heroes of advertising campaign: Igor Didok, Natalia Koshevaya, Roman Gavrysh and Andrei Fedorov
It’s time to think like a customer.

"Our approach to the forum promotion has always been based on the fact that a creative idea should convey the main subject of the event and the message should stand out of the general visual noise. It’s really good if it can be done as a self-irony. We consider "Mimicry" as a bright idea meeting all these criteria and reminding our audience that Marketing Directors' Forum is an event that should not be missed." 
Irina Bondarenko, producer of the Ukrainian Marketing Forum 
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