It doesn't matter how rich you are, what car you drive and how many friends you have in your life. We are all naked and alone by the ocean.
In our everyday life, we pay too much attention to everything, but put off the really important things for later. We chase after money and fame, we think that we will be young forever, and tomorrow does not concern us. Going to the coast, we become naked and find ourselves one on one with the ocean. Only in such moments we can stop and see who we really are.
• Olympus 35RC
• Fujifilm X-E2 + Meike 28mm f2.8
• Pentacon Six + Flektogon 50mm f4

• IPA / Deeper Perspective 2023 – Honorable Mention
• IPA 2023 – Official Selection
• IPA 2023 – Honorable Mention
• PX3 2023 – Honorable Mention
• BIFA 2023 – Honorable Mention
• TIFA 2023 – Honorable Mention
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