Create an application that can customize a special headset for your specific hearing capabilities. For example if one of your ears started to hear worse after some injury.
Most users are elderly people who have bad hearing, bad vision and they know a little about modern technologies. It meant that design should be understandable for elderly people but don’t be an application for old bones because we will lose young users with bad hearing.

• Redesign the application and make it more contrast and clear but don’t change brand guidelines. 
• Find weak spots and simplify an application but don’t break established user flow. 
• Make it comfortable to use left to right and right to left interface direction for different countries. 
• Create the same design for Android and iOS but make it native for both OS.
Design, UX & UI, animation, art direction.

The key indicator of successful redesign is a fact that now in the USA less people return new headsets because they don’t understand how to use the application and customize headset for bad hearing.

Hearing Technology Innovator 2020 – Gold "Personal Listening Devices"
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