To help modern and busy citizens to feel their time. Not only to show current time but make them feel how much time they spend on work everyday tasks and to understand if they have enough time for sleeping and rest

It’s a watch with a 24 hour dial, two hands and date. The dial consists of two parts – black and white. These parts show day and night time. The black part takes 8 hour – optimal time for sleeping. The white part shows the time when you should do all your tasks.
The 12 am is on the top so it looks familiar for everyone. Date is on the bottom part and changes right when the new day is coming. This watch doesn’t show seconds because if you work hard and have a lot of tasks your eyes are tired and it’s easier to understand the current time when your watch has just two hands.
This watch is like a lazy remainder that can help to control your schedule. If you look at the watch and see that the hour hand is above the black area it means that you should stop work, watching YouTube or Instagram and go to sleep right now.

Concept & design​​​​​​​
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